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GGene S.I.S., LLC is a corporate entity registered with the State of Georgia. We are a web design and marketing consulting services agency.
LATEST UPDATE: 4/14/2016

Main – DonnaMarieJohnson.com
Store — StartNewWebsite.com
Blog — StartNewWebsite.us
Old and Archived Domains – See the list given below under “Other Domains”
GGene S.I.S., LLC is our parent company.
DBA (doing business as) and trademarked brand names for this business include but are not limited to:
GGene S.I.S., LLC ™
Donna Marie Johnson ™
Donna Marie Johnson Consulting ™
DMJ Consulting ™
Market Like A Queen ™, Lead Like A Queen ™, StartNewWebsite ™
The terminology “us” or “our” or “we” or “our business” or “our company” or “this business” are also used here to refer to this business.
Official Agents of our company include the CEO, Donna Marie Johnson, currently, and only designated employees, volunteers or partners who she explicitly makes you aware of in writing. If you ever have doubts that someone has contacted you posing to be with our company, please contact us through the contact information provided on our main business website and make us aware.
Phishing – If you receive an email that you feel may be a phishing attempt (an email scam where someone is posing to be from our company), please do not click any links but immediately delete that email. You can also use my contact form on my app to notify me so that I can be aware.
GGene S.I.S., LLC owns and maintains several domains online as a webmaster, marketing agency, web developer and multi-media publication company. These domain names are also used as nicknames and user names in various social profiles, networks and forums online, including email. To verify authenticity, please use the contact information provided on our main business website and make us aware.
* authordonnamarie.com, authordonnamarie.me, ggenesisllc.com, donnamariejohnson.com, dmjconsulting.com, itrainwomen.com, itrainwomenleaders.com, butterflyhomeschool.com and others
*other domains are also maintained by us, but are licensed to and not owned by us
*other owned or licensed domains may currently exist but are not listed here at this time
Our entire network includes websites, blogs, social networks or profiles, and virtual networks or profiles created, maintained, licensed to and/or owned by GGene S.I.S., LLC. Because of the nature of our online work, our online presence is very dynamic and is frequently updated. Evenso, our primary corporate domain will remain as it is, unless there is an official public notification of a change sent out by our CEO.
“Terms of Service” and “Terms of Use” are used interchangeably throughout this network and mean the same thing and refer back to the same thing, which is this terms of service policy.
Our terms of service apply to and include the entire network of websites, blogs, and social networks and profiles, except where other laws or terms of service (i.e., with social networks) conflict with or go beyond the scope of these terms of service.
By way of accessing our network, You, the User, acknowledges that your payment for and/or access to it (our network) is the same as and equivalent to a legally binding contractual agreement according to these terms of service, and other information, as outlined here, as well as in future updates or revisions of these terms and other information, as outlined here.
These terms of service also apply to any applications you may submit for positions with or jobs at our company; or for sub-contractors. By submitting an application to work with or for the DMJC team, you are certifying the truthfulness and accuracy of the information that you provide. You are also certifying that you agree to our terms of service.
You acknowledge and agree that:
By paying for and/or gaining free access to our network, you understand and acknowledge that you are bound by these Terms of Service, whether or not you have read them or any subsequent versions or updates. Therefore, we urge you to carefully review this information prior to making any payments, and regularly thereafter for updates. Your payment and/or free access to products/services/subscriptions is confirmation and acknowledgement that you have received access to these terms of service and have agreed to read and understand them.
You will regularly check our main domain for updates and changes to the terms of service, whether or not you have been directly notified of any updates or changes. We will make reasonable efforts to provide update notifications on the main domain.
You will keep all contact and payment information current and accurate during the full term(s) of any subscriptions or other non-instantaneous services, as well as after purchasing products or services that may require future updates or adjustments.
You have read, reviewed, understood, and agree to the information and items located in the disclaimer, as it pertains both to the any educational or tutorial services provided, as well as to other vital aspects of our business and network, along with relations and interactions with others.
You have read, viewed, understood, and agree to the information and items on our privacy policy page.
You will make all payments according to all outlined terms and prior to gaining access to the end product (including but not limited to product or subscription); or according to any written agreements that both parties have either signed off on digitally or in print. Verbal agreements will not be considered as binding.
Your payment provides access to the service, product, or subscription only for the time frame that the payment was paid and only for the number of people that it was paid for. See the “Licensure and Permissions” section of these terms of service.
No guarantees nor warrantees of any kind are made, explicitly nor implicitly, regarding the content or accuracy of any third party links or other referrals to other professionals or companies. Please use discretion and common sense when dealing with any information given by any person or entity, whether or not they are familiar or unfamiliar to you.
We will not usually ask you to provide your financial information, unless your transaction was processed with an Official Agent of our company by phone or in person. This is because we use secure online payment providers (e.g., PayPal.com, Amazon payments, Stripe, Google checkout and other services) to provide ourselves and others with safer and more convenient financial transactions. If needed, questions regarding transactions and financial information should be referred back to the online payments provider that was used. Please be sure to securely record confirmation and/or transaction numbers, along with the date, after you receive the confirmation that your payment or cancellation was made successfully.
If your transaction is processed by phone or in person, and/or if you request to be invoiced for your services, additional administrative fees will be required. See the Official Agent of our company who has been servicing your account for more details about any administrative fees.
You understand that our mentorship club, newsletter community, tutorials and other educational information (e.g., via our eNews Community) is provided for your personal educational use only, and no warranties nor guarantees are made by us as to your own outcomes, results, or return on investment. You understand that you should also read any information we have provided which goes into more detail on this topic, such as understanding your own responsibility for implementing what you are learning. You understand that we may recommend and may be able to provide further services to assist you with implementing what you have been learning as an option to help you get it done so that you can focus your time on other parts of your business and life.
You will not attempt to defraud us nor to defame the name or reputation of our company in any way or mode, nor in any form. This also applies to any agents of our company and any referrals you may have received from us. You understand that you may be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, if this should occur.
Customer Satisfaction, Refunds and Restrictions:
Due to the nature of our products and services: no refunds will be given for services that have already been rendered. For products and events, refunds must be pre-arranged with and agreed to in writing by our CEO.
We will make best efforts to satisfy all reasonable complaints and/or concerns when contact is received in a timely fashion to the designated e-mail address on our main website contact page or using the contact form on our app.
We make every effort to provide consistent and timely access to good quality services for paying clients and good quality products for paying customers. However, in the event of any concerns, paying customers and clients should remember to complete any satisfaction or exit surveys that we send to you; and you should promptly contact us about any concerns you have.
Access to current contact information for our company is available, and regularly updated, on the main business domain.
Any educational subscriptions or events we offer may or may not offer free access to an excerpt or summary. Please read the details for each service/event prior to registration.
Licensure & Permissions:
All Rights Are Reserved and no copies or reproductions of any kind are allowed of any information (including but not limited to images, videos, audio files, applications, slideshows, photos, presentations, html code, and more) provided to you by us on any of our network of websites and blogs, unless you have received written permission from us. Refer all questions and requests for written copyright permissions directly to us through the contact page on our main website.
Educational Subscriptions:
Temporarily licensed for viewing (not for reproduction/copying), only during the term that has been paid for (or that has been offered as complimentary), and only to the registrant and one other person who is either a member of the same household or of the same business or non-profit organization. Questions about bulk licenses should be referred directly back to our company.
For those subscribing to the educational services/materials, at this time, no copies or reproductions of any kind are allowed. Be sure to read the paragraph above, along with all other relevant details about your subscription.
Free and/or Unlicensed Materials:
Where indicated, we may provide free, unlicensed access to materials. Be sure to carefully read information to be sure you understand which items this applies to. If in doubt, contact us directly for clarification on the main website’s contact page.
Sharing and Attribution:
Any of DMJC’s materials that you have been given permission to share with others should include the following text and hyperlink as the attribution:
by Donna Marie Johnson at http://DonnaMarieJohnson.com
Intellectual Property
Due to the nature of products and services provided by us, these terms of service are provided as guidelines and are enforced to help ensure the protection of our intellectual property, which is the essence of our entire business and builds the value needed to continue being a blessing to clients, audience and partners.
Guest Blog Posts / Articles
Regarding guest blog articles or other guest posts on websites or newsletters in this network:
*Some articles are provided by other authors besides the owner – founder of this network. These articles are used within this network with their permission.
*These guest articles remain the property of their authors, however, by agreeing to become guest bloggers in this network, they are giving exclusive license for their content to remain on this network of sites for a two year period or longer.
*The network founder – owner has the right to edit, including removing, any content on the site for any reason at any time.
*Though we make our best efforts to ensure that guest writers’ views are in alignment with our own, according to our stated core beliefs and statement of faith, we cannot and do not guarantee that all opinions and views of the writers will be the same as ours.
Recordings of Live Calls and Podcast Guests
Regarding guests on recorded interviews on the podcasts and live calls in this network:
*Audio and Video Recordings by our network are the exclusive property of our business. Unless otherwise stated, the same sharing policy applies to publicly broadcast podcasts as to publicly posted blog articles on this network of sites.
*Though we make our best efforts to ensure that guest’s views are in alignment with our own, according to our stated core beliefs and statement of faith, we cannot and do not guarantee that all opinions and views of the writers will be the same as ours.
*We reserve the right to delete any user profile for any reason.
*We require the following in order to keep your profile from being deleted:
–adherence to our terms of service and privacy policy (required)
–clear headshot profile photo of your real self (required)
–your real name in the name section of your user profile (required)
–brief bio (recommended)
THIRD-PARTY CONTENT DISCLAIMER: Some of the opinions and points of view expressed by these guest authors and/or interview guests and/or network members may not necessarily be the same as those of our business. Consider the source of any information you read, and do your own due diligence to research it, as well.
Regarding Placing Your Ad or Listing:
GGene S.I.S., LLC reserves the right to reject any ad or listing at any time for any reason. If we do reject yours, your order may be cancelled and refunded back to you, pending approval from our CEO, for ad orders that were not in violation of our terms of service. If you place your ad/listing in violation of our terms of service, our administrative processing fee will be deducted from your refund and all of your future ad/listing placements will also be rejected but will not be refunded. The ad / listing non-refundable administrative processing fee will be posted with any additional terms of service for ad or listing customers/clients.
*Original and commissioned / customized creative works by the DMJC team are usually in alignment with our statement of faith.
*Content that is pornographic, vulgar, blasphemous, demeaning to women, or hateful of anyone is not acceptable for posting on our network of websites nor for production by the DMJC team.
*We reserve the right to reject any comments, content or work that is out of alignment with our terms of service.
How To Contact Us & Using Our App
Any questions or concerns should be addressed with us in a timely fashion using the contact form app and contact information provided on our main website.
About Our Secure App
Our App service provider is vCita. The direct link for my secure app profile page is located at this link: https://www.vcita.com/v/itrainwomen
This app gives new and existing audience members, clients and customers access to our company via a secure contact form, scheduling form, payment form and more. This app is intended to create an easier way for you to get and stay in touch with the DMJC team. If you have any challenges with using it, please return to the main website at and use the contact information provided to reach out to us directly.
By entering into any agreement with GGene S.I.S., LLC, you are agreeing that, if a legal dispute needs to be resolved, you would comply with arbitration. All claims and disputes arising under or relating to this Agreement are to be settled by binding arbitration in the state of Georgia. An award of arbitration may be confirmed in a court of competent jurisdiction.
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